Uncut Gems: The Oscar Snub Heard Around the Country

Word of warning, I’m a little fired up writing this. Hidden Gems is an amazing movie worthy of praise because of its brilliant writing and acting. Adam Sandler is the star of the film and his performance is surprising. Not that Sandler isn’t known as a brilliant actor, it’s just that we don’t see him in many roles like this.

He steals the show! So imagine my horror when the Oscar noms were released and…. NO SANDLER! There have been many articles about why, and even an official release by the Academy explaining why he was snubbed. Whatever the reason, it’s ridiculous and in my opinion is another testament to the Hollywood machine.

Naturally my first question was: “Ok who did Sandler say no to?” “I wonder if this is because of his Netflix Deal?” because in my mind that is the only explanation that makes sense. Adam Sandler’s role in the movie is a Jewelry store owner that finds himself in trouble because all of his shucking and jiving catches up to him, and he literally spends 1.5 hours putting out fires and trying to clean up his giant mess.

Nothing we haven’t seen before right? Sort of; we have seen this premise plenty of times, but never in the hands of someone that is popularly known as a comedian. For the first time ever, Sandler had me sitting on the edge of my seat in an uncomfortable emotional silence watching him navigate the film’s non-stop drama. I believed him, in those moments he was far from funny, in fact, moments of the movie made it hard to like him until he roped me right back in to feel for him.

So why the h*ll was he looked over?! His attitude. Sure attitude goes a long way, but this wasn’t a humanitarian award, it was an Oscar, an award in my opinion; shared by many others, he should have had the chance to win. That is the real argument here, he wasn’t even nominated!

– Not Cool –

I hope that the popularity of the performance will make this a hit once it makes it to streaming services and Blu-Ray. I’m even hoping for a People’s Choice award. Anything would be good at this point, and lets have some reform to the nomination process shall we? That way we can easily avoid blunders of this magnitude.


-Mr Croft

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