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Imagine for a moment you were at a family reunion, and you were lucky enough to be that out of town cousin that’s really fun but not around much; and you get plopped at the table with all of your COOLEST cousins as they sat and chatted with a close family friend. Ok I know, what the heck am I talking about.

Well I’m glad you asked because I’m talking about….

Fun fun fun fun of course!!! That is exactly what you get each and every time you take the time to tune into to the Danyo & Tita podcast! Now, you guys know me, I am all about all things organic especially when it comes to human interaction; but I digress. Good organic fun and interactions are the foundation for what can only be explained is one of the best damn feel good podcasts I have EVER had the pleasure of spending time to check out! No no really, it’s THAT good, and mark my words once you start to follow this podcast, you will quickly recognize it for yourself.

So, let’s talk about the team. There is of course Danyo & Tita, Iesha, Dip, and Nate. Watching this team work is nothing short of sitting at a table of relatives and good friends, talking to guests that many of us know and love, covering issues that are currently the buzz in popular culture. Almost feels like a barbershop, or even a family reunion every week.


Alright enough droning let’s talk specifics. To do that, I decided to reference an episode that I feel spoke to me the most. That episode is lucky #25! (for those of you that don’t know 25 is my favorite number) B U T!!!  That is NOT why I chose this as the episode to discuss. This episode was special because it dealt directly with a path, I happen to have a strong understanding of. STOP no I’m not inserting myself into talking about this amazing podcast I’m simply saying Radio Supa’s interview hit different! I was ALL IN! I felt like I was just handed a front row seat to the behind the scenes of how this Icon pioneered an entire industry. You’re going to need to make your way to episode #25 for the rest.


hehe sorry not sorry…


This episode featured Radio Supa, and they explored his story from beginning to end. What was the most enjoyable, was how smoothly the conversation was able to flow with zero interruptions. This is a massive nod to the production quality of the Danyo & Tita podcast. The questions were well prepared, and every follow up question was contextually sound and relevant keeping me engaged lingering on every word that was coming from the guest. I could easily tell that the team knew their guest! They knew his story, achievements, setbacks, and the like.


The exceptional chemistry continued as the show transitioned away from the interview and more towards the “Shenanigans” of the show. The team is playful, and throughout the show would burn each other, crack jokes, hell even giving the guest shit for not being able to answer trivia questions. It was like watching art move. Out of nowhere I’m in the middle of a game literally SCREAMING the answers at my laptop like BRO YOU KNOW THIS ONE! That’s not me when it comes to podcasts, I usually listen, retain, and share, but with Danyo & Tita I am literally listening and talking aloud as if I’m there with them.



Listen to me, FOLLOW THIS SHOW NOW!! This podcast is everything I want in an entertainment podcast. Ugh this is going to sounds super corny but here goes. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll think, and you’ll LOVE! The Danyo & Tita Podcast is everything, and I am overly excited to see what they do next.

  • – Mr. Croft

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