SonicFox – An ESPN Athlete of The Year You’ve Probably Never Heard of

“If you don’t evolve, you’ll evaporate” – Usher Raymond

Evolution is important in many areas of our everyday lives. From technology, to health/wellness, and even entertainment. In the mid-late 80’s, we started to see a hobby and fun past-time become an international olympic sport. Skate boarder, snow boarders, skiers, and other extreme sport thrill seekers took their quests to new heights by establishing The X-Games and over the last 20+ years the world has seen exponential growth, that eventually reached as far as the Winter Olympics.

Well folks, this is the dawn of a new rise in sports, and that dawn is eSports! So what better way to introduce our Wayward Kid family to professional eSports, than to talk about a man who is seemingly the Kobe Bryant of eSports. Dominique “SonicFox” McLean is the 2018 eSports player of the year. He has taken titles in several fighting game titles, and have taken it all at some of the world’s largest annual fighting game competitions. SonicFox exploded onto the scene during the release of MKX. SonicFox delivered a Godlike performance that quickly captured the attention of other pro fighters and even gaming developers. (video of SonicFox’s complete mastery of Erron Black ).

After quickly gaining fame for his MKX performance, SonicFox wanted to show quickly that he was not just a one-dimensional competitor, and that you definitely needed to do your homework before stepping into the ring with him. He rose to power dominating in games to follow such as, Dragon Ball FighterZ, & Injustice 2. This man will not be out worked; his training regimen is daily, and he constantly competes against the best casually, and professionally. Oh and did I mention, he’s only 21 years old which means he will be around for a long time and continue to dominate the pro fighting game arena.

Anyone that takes a look at SonicFox’s work ethic could easily see why I made the comparison to the great Kobe Bryant. From sun up, to sun down, he not only practices relentlessly, but he also dives deeper into the games programming and studies frame data and meta-data for the games he competes with. To scale this for you, that would be like an NBA shooter learning the exact measurement of the court, and learning every scenario that would lead to a successful basket while being defended. This takes hours and hours of practice and studying including competing in locals/qualifiers so that he can compete in the major competitions.

Keep an eye on this young man, and make yourselves familiar with eSports and the gaming industry. It is growing by the day, and will be around for decades to come. This is only the beginning folks, and Mr Croft is delighted as a casual/pro gamer to be your Wayward Kid guide to all things gaming and eSports.

Stay tuned..


-Mr Croft

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