Game of Thrones recap: The Rise and Fall of the Mad Queen [spoilers ahead]

Winter has come and gone hence marking  the end of Game of Thrones. During this final ride we were graced with hands down some of the most jaw-dropping moments since The Red Wedding. No joke, it was that rough. For many that watched this epic come to an end, it was a rollercoaster of emotions and dare I say physical pain and confusion. We see the unveiling of a dormant demon in our Golden-Haired Queen that can accurately be described as unsettling and shocking. We dealt with viewers being put on edge by learning exactly how deep the wounds ran for Dany after learning of John’s betrayal. From that point the tone was set; we see Dany in a very dark place, and even being certain that there was nobody in her life that she could trust. But was this something new? Or have we simply been ignoring the personification of evil?

Let’s take a look back…

Early on we were roped into a mindset of caring deeply about Dany. Here’s how; we see her being literally pawned off as a bed-mate by her own golden haired brother in an ultimately failed attempt at a power move. Dany’s suffering continued in the seasons that followed laying the foundation for her path of dominating kingdoms. Following me so far? GOOD keep up because you’re about to realize how we’ve all been bamboozled. What was being done, was nothing short of getting viewers bought in to Dany’s personal values hierarchy. That’s right; Dany is a textbook narcissist and borderline psychopath. She has taken every attempt to brandish her dominance and subtly reveal her lust for being worshipped and obeyed.

In short.. She is her father’s child, and this is definitely not a good thing.

So where did all this lead? Well, let’s bounce back to episode 5 and fast forward through the first part of the attack that actually led to the surrender of the Red Keep, which was the whole plan.

“If you hear the bells ring, that means their forces have surrendered, and we will cease the attack..”

The bells sound, and Dany sits high atop the gate of the city on her dragon, and in true Mad King fashion… She loses it! To the shock of many if not all, Dany begins to burn the entire city to the ground. Not one building or being remained, she has brought history full circle and shown herself true to be the Mad Queen. What’s interesting about how this unfolded, is that betrayal ended up being the go-to for Dany, blatantly lying to her love, and her closest remaining advisors. On the surface it seems as if Dany filed this under justifiable mass-murder appearing unmoved and steadfast in her decision. Moved by hatred and a lust for power, this attack ensued; and down came the Red Keep.

The aftermath of this death and destruction brings our former protagonist into a very sticky situation, because she instantly lost the faith and allegiance of her Hand, and also of John Snow. At this point, we feel the pain of John’s dilemma, and wrestle with the thought of what now seems inevitable, that being John has to slay the love of his life. After a lengthy conversation with the former hand of the Queen Tyrian, John makes his choice and darts away to confront his Queen. Here’s where things get interesting. John pleads with Dany to see things another way, and begs for an explanation for what has just transpired. It is no shock at all that he was better off pleading with a brick wall. Seeing this, John embraces Dany and utters the words; “You will always be my Queen..” and thrusts his sword into her heart. Dany falls to the ground and takes her last breath and her dragon proceeds to melt the Iron Throne. Weird right? I mean, who knew dragons could make such emotional connections to life. I could go on and on about what came next but if you’ve made it this far I’m certain you’ve seen the series already and I won’t subject you to that portion of the recap. Thank God right?!

My personal thoughts..

This controversial end to the series is something that seems to have divided the fans of the show straight down the middle. Sure, nobody wanted to see the Starks lose, but the ending that was delivered seemed a bit watered down and lazy. I know many are thinking; Why wait this long to talk about the end of the show? Well that’s because we wanted things to calm down a bit before we shared our thoughts. Look, anyone that has seen the show can’t argue that it is one of the best shows to ever be on television, no questions asked! But this seems to be somewhat of a thing for HBO. They takes us for a ride that spans a decade or more, and then they just plop together a final stand with a tacky bow and an over-ripened cherry on top. All in all it was a great ride, and an amazing run for one of the greatest shows ever! Long Live the Starks!!

-Mr Croft


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