And Then There Were 4

And then there were 4. After one of greatest playoffs comeback in NFL history, Kansas City Chiefs came back from being down 24-0 against Houston Texans. The Chiefs went on a 41-0 run, ending the game 41-31 to victory. Kansas City becomes the first team in NFL history to win by 20 plus points after being down by 20 plus points in a postseason game, their 24 point comeback becomes the fourth largest and their 41 consecutive points were the most any team has scored in a playoff game since the 2002.

The 49ers shut down the Vikings 27-10, causing them to be scoreless in the second half, making the term “Defensive Win Games” in full effect. San Francisco allowed just 147 total yards, the fewest they have ever allowed in playoff game.

Green Bay Packers edged Seattle Seahawks 28-23 for the win. Green Bay led Seattle 21-3 at the half but Seattle came storming back. But Seahawks comeback was short lived and wasnt enough to seal in the victory.

The Shocker, when 11-7 Tennessee Titans Defeated 14-3 Baltimore Ravens in a beatdown that had everyone’s mouths and eyes wide open. The raven couldn’t make nothing happen at all, Tennessee momentum from from the upset of the Patriots to this showcasing that they will a problem.

Who do you have your bets on this coming weekend

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